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Our sweet department is specialized in the analysis and development of products below: 

With our flour analysis facilities and bakery lab we can work out a correction and improvement of harvest related grain deficiencies. 


Due to our close contact with good partners and our own knowledge we own a high quality range for ice cream and chocolat & his derivates, this can be tailor made and adapted on your wishes as well

Ice & chocolat

Our specialized lab team develops concentrates to enhance the quality of pancakes, waffles, pastry and crunchy biscuits as well as for jams, jelly, fillings, etc.


We work out concepts that provide an answer to demograpghic changes, changes in legislation and market developments. Such as sugar-free, low-sodium, allergen-free,...


Trough our knowledge and lab facilities we are able to develop customized mixes for bread, bread rolls, pastries and other fermented bakery goods


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!


We only make

tailor made products.

If you want more details,

please contact us.

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